About Aero Shoes


Aero/Comfitpro Shoes were first brought to the market over 17 years ago. Today more bowlers  wear this luxury brand for bowls than any other brand.

Aero designed shoes for bowlers and the very specific needs bowlers have when playing.
Balance-Comfort for the long hours standing on a green-

Breathability, wicking moisture away via the clever cross mesh will keep feet cool and thus comfortable-

The Latest look-designed by professionals and made by hand to give one the important feeling of
‘I’m ready to win and feel good in the best looking and most comfortable bowls shoes.

Heel Support: Aero build a firm counter into every shoe to support the heel and keep your step as straight as possible.This heel section is the key to comfort.

Moving onto the Mid Sole: Shaped to accommodate the instep of the foot with an incredibly comfortable outer sole cushioning every step.

Aero designed the front section of the shoe to provide extreme flexibility.This allows the bowler to bend without any stress.

Our Nirvana range are the most comfortable bowls shoes ever made leaving Asics and all other brands of Bowls Shoes in their wake.

Let your feet be the judge:Try on one of our shoes on one foot and another brand on the other foot...your foot will send you the signal right away.

A note on our EVA inner sole.The Aero exclusive inner sole:

A genuine very high quality EVA inner sole that will not absorb perspiration, but instead wicks it away via the purpose designed cross mesh of the upper. Our inner sole will not crush out of shape. Positive support is provided giving superb balance.

Aero/Comfitpro the mark of the world's best made bowls shoes.