Aero CSX Ultraglide Bags Road Test

Aero CSX Ultraglide Bags Road Test

Aero made famous its CX bag and the two bowls carriers contained in the bag, an invention by Aero.
Superbly designed and made using water resistant and UV stable material it became the worlds most popular luxury bowls bag. Made in a factory where many famous brands are made such as Samsonite.

12 years after its introduction Aero have redesigned the bag. The new CSX Ultraglide bag is stronger in every respect from the zippers to the pull and carry handles and the biggest innovation of 4 wheels so the bag can glide along instead of being pulled.

Multiple road tests by various bowlers have demonstrated that the new CSX is the bag to beat.
They were asked to pull both bags, one in each hand and give their opinions..
The new CSX Easiglide Ultraglide won hands down.
Never has their been a bag this easy to pull. As one stated it really is Chalk and Cheese.’ The CSX is incredibly easy to use and move around’ says Karen Murphy.

Easiglide, the Ultraglide CSX is easy to pull, with an abundance of  well designed space, includes two two bowls bags and space for everything a bowler needs.

CSX Ultraglide Bags

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