CLUB - Paritutu Bowling Club 

OCCUPATION - Greenkeeper 

AERO BOWLS USED - Aero Optima Size 3 

WHY DO YOU USE AERO - Impressed by the quality and performance of your products and the various colour range

CAREER GOALS - To win gold at Commonwealth Games and World Bowls

MOST ADMIRED PLAYER - Barrie Lester & Ryan Bester 

FAVOURITE GREENS - Paritutu Bowling Club & Broadbeach Bowling club 

FAVOURITE QUOTE - Chances Make Champions 

OTHER HOBBIES AND INTERESTS - Watching NBA games, hanging with friends and travelling around NZ 


  • Commonwealth Games Pairs Bronze Medal 
  • Pacific Games Fours Gold Medal 
  • Oceania Bowls Fours Silver Medal 
  • Oceania Bowls Pairs Bronze Medal 
  • PBA New Zealand Trans-Tasman Team 
  • PBA NZ U25 Player Of The Year x3 
  • PBA International Singles - NZ Winner 
  • PBA UK Singles - NZ Winner 
  • NZ UBC Qualifier - NZ Winner for Australia 
  • NZ Interclub Sevens Bronze Medal x2 
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