Club: St Johns Park Saints.

Occupation: Group Ambassador - St Johns Park Bowling Club Group.

Aero Bowls used: Optima Size 4 

Why do you use Aero Bowls: For the superior range of bowls and products.

Career goals: To continue to play for Australia, win as many events as I can, and have a positive effect on the sport. 

Most admired player: Alex Marshall.

Favourite green: Park Beach BC.

Favourite quote: Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Other hobbies and interests: Golf, card collecting, movies, travel. 


  • Commonwealth Games Triples Silver Medal
  • Multi Nations Singles/Fours x2/overall x2 Gold Medals
  • Multi Nations Triples Silver & Bronze Medals
  • Hong Kong Classic Singles & Pairs Gold Medals 
  • Mederka Asia Pacific Singles & Fours Gold Medals
  • Australian Open Pairs Winner x2
  • Australian Open Tripels Winner
  • Australian Open Fours Winner
  • Australian Singles Winner (joint)
  • Australian Triples Winner
  • Australian Fours Winner
  • Australian Champion of Champion Pairs Winner
  • Australian Super 6's Triples Gold x2
  • BPL Winner x3
  • Alley Shield Winner x4
  • NSW State Singles Winner x2
  • NSW & QLD State Triples Winner
  • NSW State Fours Winner x2
  • Golden Nugget Runner Up
  • 122 games for Australia 
  • 159 games for NSW


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