The Aero MAXIM for outdoor and shortmat games.

A very wide swinging bowl. Suitable for back end playing positions on slow surfaces. Particularly effective on outdoor greens in the early part of the season.

  • A unique arc trajectory bends at the centre point between the mat and jack
  • Holds it’s line with minimum weight
  • Are less affected by the wind
  • Take the same line regardless of their size
  • Have The same line everytime™
  • Every set in each model is the same as the next
  • A range of grips carefully designed to meet the needs of bowlers

Suitable for: Outdoor, Shortmat


Here you can choose the size, colour and grip of your Aero Bowls and even upload your own custom logo.

For our huge range of stock logos, please view our options here and contact us on 0131 663 8688 / with your order number and choice of logo.

Please allow for a 8 - 10 week delivery time for custom bowls.

AERO MAXIM - Stock Colour/Logo